Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Everybody's a Movie Critic

Noticed this tidbit whilst wandering the news sites:

FBI shielded me from al-Qaeda kidnap plot, says Crowe

The actor has revealed he was approached by the FBI in 2001 and warned that he was the target of a bizarre al-Qaeda plot to kidnap him at that year’s Golden Globe awards, under terrorist leader Osama bin Laden’s alleged plans for "cultural destabilisation".

Crowe, who was nominated for the best actor award for his performance in Gladiator, was flanked by tuxedo-wearing undercover agents on the red carpet that night in Los Angeles, as well as a bevy of his own security guards, after the FBI first received a warning of the al-Qaeda kidnap plot in January of that year.

Geez, everybody's a critic. I know that Gladiator took liberties with historical accuracy (Commodus reigned for twelve years, and don't get me started on the gladitorial combat) but lighten up, guys.

What next, crashing "Survivor"? On the other hand, that could be an improvement...

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