Wednesday, November 23, 2005

As Long as We're Talking About Intelligence

How about the Presidential Daily Briefing from September 21, 2001?

Although it's classified, and the report based on it is classified, and the reports that led into it are classified, there's some talk - for example by Murray Waas over at the National Journal - that it regards the link between Iraq and Al-Quaeda.

Here's a quote:

One of the more intriguing things that Bush was told during the briefing was that the few credible reports of contacts between Iraq and Al Qaeda involved attempts by Saddam Hussein to monitor the terrorist group. Saddam viewed Al Qaeda as well as other theocratic radical Islamist organizations as a potential threat to his secular regime. At one point, analysts believed, Saddam considered infiltrating the ranks of Al Qaeda with Iraqi nationals or even Iraqi intelligence operatives to learn more about its inner workings, according to records and sources.

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