Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chemical Weapons Found in Iraq!

The bad news is who's using them. From the BBC.

Some quotes - first the denial:

"However it is an incendiary weapon and may be used against enemy combatants."

And he said it had been used in Falluja, but it was a "conventional munition", not a chemical weapon.

It is not "outlawed or illegal", Col Venable said.

True dat. Protocol III of the Geneva Conventions specifically outlaws use of incendiaries against civilians, but the U.S. didn't sign Protocol III. One wonders why.

Now the rebuttal:

Professor Paul Rodgers, of the University of Bradford's department of peace studies, said white phosphorus could be considered a chemical weapon if deliberately aimed at civilians.
And, given other stories from Fallujah, that isn't much of a stretch.

As far as WP as a chemical weapon? It's a cloud of gas that kills people. What would you call it?

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