Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In Our Names

Timeline at this Daily Kos diary by Chris Kulczycki.

Here's a quote, and the relevant link to the Guardian so that you, Gentle Reader, may verify for yourself:

There isn't enough outrage about torture, not to my estimation. After all, we only see a few stories about it every month. It's not like it's happening in our country. And the stock market is up, gas prices are falling, the Republicans are on the ropes, and its Christmas shopping season. Perhaps if we saw all those headlines at once...

So I tried the new Guardian search engine this morning. I put in three keywords: torture, Iraq, and US. The results included exactly 911 articles. Is that karma or what? I went through every one of those 911 Guardian articles and selected the highlights.

With pictures. Now ask yourself how you'd like to be a suspected enemy combatant. Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men, indeed.

For those of you that say this isn't torture, talk to me after you've had these "stress techniques" used on you.

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