Sunday, November 27, 2005

Still Recovering from the Holiday

but I thought y'all would enjoy this story by Aethern over at Political Cortex regarding states' rights.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Here's a preview:

It is long past time for the issue of States' Rights to be reclaimed from slavery apologists and racists. It is a founding principle of this Republic, and we progressives abandon it at our own peril. Our entire system is based on the concept of checks and balances on power, the idea being that if no one entity or faction can gain too much power, we will be protected from tyranny.

States' Rights are a vital aspect of that model. Vigorous protection of States' Rights encourages us to focus on our own communities, and allows us to fight for what we believe in within our own states. The theory is that if we can make issues such health care work for us in one state, then that will encourage other states to try our approach.

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