Monday, December 12, 2005

Before the Law Stands a Doorkeeper

Good Reader, I direct you to The Secrets of Flight by Steven Aftergood from Slate for today's discussion.

To whet your appetite, I provide a quote:

Former Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage, R-Idaho, experienced the existential horror of being governed by secret laws last month while attempting to board a United Airlines flight from Boise to Reno. When pulled aside by security guards from the Transportation Security Administration for additional screening, including a physical pat-down, Chenoweth-Hage requested a copy of the federal regulation authorizing such searches. Her request was denied.
"She said she wanted to see the regulation that required the additional procedure for secondary screening and she was told she couldn't see it," local TSA Security Director Julian Gonzales told the Idaho Statesman.
Note that she didn't challenge the regulation, she just wanted to see it.
Torture. Disappearnces. Secret laws. Are you sure this isn't the Soviet Union?

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Defiant Symmetry said...

I wonder sometimes if I live in the same country as everyone else. People today act like sheep, being herded in every which way by the government. I don't think the founding fathers had this in mind at all.