Friday, December 16, 2005

How Bush Sold the War

Good Readers, today I direct your attention to Ten Easy Pieces: How Bush Sold the War over at Political Cortex.

A quote:

So often, the world seems like a jigsaw puzzle -- one where you've long ago lost the box. You can see an edge piece here, a critical corner over there, but you don't have a good idea what picture the whole thing forms when assembled. Worse, you may have the wrong idea, and you keep trying to force together pieces that don't fit.

That's how it is with the story the Bush administration sold us on Iraq. You can tell there's something wrong. Many of the pieces clearly don't go together.

Then you snap in the last piece, and it all becomes clear.
And Bush gets cover for apologising for being misled by the guy we paid handsomely to mislead us.

Miakes no sense, you say? Welcome to the Bush administration.

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LETS TALK said...

I concur with you on President Bush, I just can't see how week after week, we find out new information that this Administration are doing illegal things and this congress protects them.
Notice how each Sunday the Republicans put their spin and talking points out their and the ramainder of the week you hear that spin over and over, then you notice that spin on blogs and interviews. Just watch, if a question is asked about the illegal activity, you get the spin and talking point.
This Congress will protect this President no matter what and will destroy any one that gets in his way.