Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How the President Intends to Avoid Impeachment

is detailed in this op-ed piece by former Congressman Bob Barr (wasn't he a Republican?) as detailed at Here's a quote:

Two of the most powerful moments of political déjà vu I have ever experienced took place recently in the context of the Bush administration's defense of presidentially ordered electronic spying on American citizens.

First, in the best tradition of former President Bill Clinton's classic, "it-all-depends-on-what-the-meaning-of-is-is" defense, President Bush responded to a question at a White House news conference about what now appears to be a clear violation of federal electronic monitoring laws by trying to argue that he had not ordered the National Security Agency to "monitor" phone and e-mail communications of American citizens without court order; he had merely ordered them to "detect" improper communications.

This example of presidential phrase parsing was followed quickly by the president's press secretary, Scott McLellan, dead-panning to reporters that when Bush said a couple of years ago that he would never allow the NSA to monitor Americans without a court order, what he really meant was something different than what he actually said.

Tell me again, O "Conservative", how your guy is any different from President Clinton?
"Dumber", "thinner", and "hotter daughters" - while possibly worthy of a future post - aren't really relevant here.


LETS TALK said...

Hey, some great stuff here.
Notice now how Lawyers are going to come out of the woodwork to say that their terrorist clients were illegally spied on.
This Administration does not want these cases to be tried.

Poldark Maximus said...

It is not clear which you prefer at this point, be it, a) continue to audit phone calls of suspected terrorists but with a court order or b) suspend all such activity, even for suspected terrorists. Is it the monitoring or lack of court order that bothers you most? The difference between a hero and a traitor is most often "timing".