Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The GOP's Response: Cronyism!

Wandered over to firedoglake, who have been covering the unfolding Abramoff scandal with an enthusiasm and level of detail that my job and my wife's daycare preclude, and happened upon this little gem (actually this honking big scroll-down-five-times gem):

Bush did give a recess appointment to Alice Fisher as Chief of the Criminal Division. On Wednesday, right smack in the middle of the Hurricane Katrina disaster when the country wasn't looking. (Comey eventually shot them all the finger on his way out the door and appointed the ethical David Margolis to oversee Fitzgerald.)

Bush must've really wanted Alice Fisher in there.

Fisher had been having trouble with her confirmation too, and Carl Levin had blocked her nomination due to concerns over her position on torture. There was also worry about her connection to DeLay

More, Gentle Reader, so very much more at firedoglake. Let's wish them a warm welcome to my blogroll, shall we? And, if any Democrats wish to read the next story up, Time for a Few Flame Throwers, by all means, tell them Moody sent you.

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