Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh, Hey - About All That "Addiction to Oil" Crap


Again, I wonder why anyone believes Bush or anyone in his Administration. That's why, as my post regarding Iran discussed before it vanished into the ether, I'm not getting all that worked up about Iran even though I agree that Iran having nukes is a Bad Thing.

1.) The Soviets had enough nukes to wipe us off the planet three times over, and the equipment to deliver them. Didn't seem to need the U.S. becoming a goose-stepping police state to stop them.

2.) I've heard this song before, and we all know how that turned out. Remember how Iraq nuked our soldiers as we closed in on Baghdad, and even now, our brave soldiers have to contend daily with biological and chemical weapons? Yeah, except it didn't happen, because there weren't any frigging WMDs.

3.) Bush lies. He lies reflexively. He lied in every single SOTU speech, including this one. If the man told me the time of day, I'd check my watch. I don't see how anyone with a better memory than your average al-Quaeda thug would buy anything from him, let alone vote for him and support him - just exactly how many times does he have to wipe his ass with the Constitution before you realize it?


Jetting Through Life said...

I honestly can say that I respect what you write... I don't follow politics very closely, but thanks.


ender said...

i love you.

really. you have a way with words here and i agree with this entire post word for word ... and yet you made me laugh out loud at something that shouldn't really be funny at all.

yep. i love you. "If the man told me the time of day, I'd check my watch." i literally laughed out loud. (ask the dogs, they were highly disturbed by this.)