Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Catching up again:

Took a couple of days to write a Cheers and Jeers over at Daily Kos - here.

Yeah, failed my Craft: HTML roll a few times, but it's still the most highly-rcommended diary I've ever written there. Yes, I agree that's sad.

Well, let's catch up. What did I miss?

Well, the Administration is still failing New Orleans, as well as failing to protect our nation. Still failing the people of Iraq, and, how's the war on terror going? Failing.

And what's our brave Administration doing bout it? Why, looking for more things to fail at, of course.

Except when it comes to wrecking our civil liberties. They do a bang-up job on that.

Here's a case in point. You have to follow the link, because I literally cannot describe it.

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