Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Did Anyone Else Think

that they replaced Andrew Card with John Bolton?

Gave me a minute there, let me tell you. Think the White House could use more thrown staplers and harassment?

But no, it's some guy who got his cred helping Chimpy run the economy into the ground and run up the national debt. Hey, I'm sure hocking this country to the eyeballs to the Chinese will have no long-term security issues for the United States. Really.

Oh, and, thanks to the fine folks in the forums over at the Corrente building. there's this little gem to share:

We’ll send you into the desert without sufficient armor, in insufficient numbers, with no coherent plan for the occupation; we’ll do so under false pretenses. We’ll condone torture; we’ll call the Geneva Conventions quaint. When you get home, we’ll cut vets’ benefits. To any vet willing to speak his/her mind in opposition, the examples of Max Cleland (insufficiently patriotic), John Kerry (liar, exaggerator, traitor) and John McCain (mentlly unstable) will be brought to bear by the people around a President who avoided service in the Champagne Unit of TANG.

That’s a message to the troops, if ever I’ve seen one.
ProfWombat | 03.28.06 - 9:32 am | #

Wait, look over there! Gay people getting married!


Useless Man said...

I got confused. I thought it was Michael Bolton, not John... My mistake.

Ogre said...

I was confused, too. Are all these Boltons related? If so, someone please make sure this new guy doesn't start singing...

Moody Loner said...

Now that's just wrong...

then again, were it Michael Bolton, think of the concessions the Administration could wring out of anyone, just by leaving them alone with the chief of Staff and a saxophone.

Good God. I may have to drink another handgun.