Thursday, March 02, 2006

Remember the "Torture Ban"?

An Open Letter to Senator McCain:

Yeah, good job, McCain- taking a stand against torture after the elections, so, you know, nothing bad happens for your Partei. Not a word in support of the calls for investigation before the election, when Chimpy McFlightsuit actually may have been in danger of being sent back to the estate in Kennebunkport. (Whoops, wasn't supposed to say that - we're all supposed to think he's a bonafide Texan, not a damnyankee.)

Profiles in Courage.

Well, looks like your ass-covering "torture ban" took another hit, as Mr. Signing Statement made good on his promise to ignore it. Funny about this Administration when you see the promises they keep.

So, Mr. Maverick Republican Senator - now that Bush has wiped his ass with your torture ban (guess there isn't any more room on the Constitution), what are you going to do about it?

Based on your past performance, my guess is nothing.


Anonymous said...

Impeach this! Asshole


Moody Loner said...

Look! Another Profile in Courage!

Tell your mommy you're not allowed to use the Internets anymore.

Jetting Through Life said...

Anonymous commenters drive me insane!!! Cowards!


Pax said...

McCain is playing the game of "2008" or evn (some have rumored) VP when Uncle Dicky steps down. He won't do anything. Have to keep the neo-con fat cat checks in sight.