Friday, May 12, 2006

An Open Letter to Gun Owners:

No, this isn't for the hunters or the people who bought handguns to protect themselves from criminals. I know why you have your guns.

No, I want to talk to those who bought their guns because the Second Amendment said that they had a right to, those who believe that the Second Amendment guarantees all the others, those who believe that an armed citizenry is all that stands between the people of the United States of America and tyranny.

And what I want to say to them, what I want to say to you is very simple:

Where the hell are you?

You said that you wanted to defend this country against a Stalinist infiltration. Well, look around you. The President of the United States points assault rifles at peaceful, unarmed protestors. He openly admits to breaking laws, and his excuse is that the law does not apply to him. He has ordered American intelligence agencies to spy on American citizens - when he says that there are tens of millions of enemies of the state in America, he's not talking about terrorists - he's talking about me, and he's talking about you.

There's been some mention of internal passports. And, you see, they're building these camps...

No, I'm not asking you to organize against the government. Besides, if the stereotypes are to be believed, many of you have done that anyway.

Soon, if they haven't already, the GOP will be asking you to join the new Sturmabteilung.
Oh, they won't be so blunt about it; they'll pretty it up with calls to patriotism, and honor, and love of country. Yeah, pretty much like I'm doing - except what they want boils down to pointing your guns at fellow Americans exercising their rights under the Constitution, and what I want you to do is refuse.

Don't go along.

Some of us have to work to keep this country free, and we'd appreciate your help. But all you have to do, all you really need to do to keep this country free, is not sign on with those that would impose tyranny.

I know, for many of you, it's too late. I've seen the "liberal hunting licenses", and while you claim it's a joke, I can't find killing a fellow citizen over his political beliefs funny. I've seen the noble name "Minutemen" perverted by racists and those who advocate shooting families trying to find a better life rather than addressing the complex economic factors forcing them to brave crossing our border illegally, and I weep for our nation.

These are dark times. Just remember that it takes great love of country to stand up, armed or unarmed, against the tanks, and the bombers, and the Fear, and say no more!

All I ask is - at the minimum - that you do not oppose those of us that do, and that if the courage that inspired a ragged band of farmers and woodsmen to take up arms against the most powerful empire in the world still lives within your breast, I ask you to stand with us.

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