Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Outlook: Civil War

Regarding the Washington Post's coverage of the cables from the embassy in Iraq, here's Howard Kurtz being taken to task, thanks to First Draft:

UPDATE: Howard Kurtz addressed the question as put to him by someone from Greenbelt, MD today in a WaPo online discussion.

Greenbelt, Md.: How do you feel about the burying into the bowels of the papers (particularly The Post) on Sunday of the Al Kamen story about two cables from the U.S. Embassy in Iraq? The conditions mentioned in those cables suggest something worthy of national first page treatment, yet, well...

Howard Kurtz: Maybe it should have been on the front page, but it was hardly buried. It ran at the top of the Outlook section, which is the second section people see on Sunday. Also, a straight news story wouldn't have allowed the paper to run the actual cables.

In regards to the whole Torture Awareness Month thing, I wanted to point out Eugene Robinson's op-ed at the Washington Post, here, with discussion at this link at Burn the Liberals:

In many newspapers around the globe "Guantanamo" is much more than the name of a beautiful harbor on Cuba's southern coast. It has become shorthand for a whole litany of American excesses in George W. Bush's "global war on terror," the most visible example of how the United States blithely ignores the values of due process and rule of law that it so aggressively preaches, if necessary at the point of a gun.
In another case of recursive citations, Moody quotes Brian Varitek quoting Eugene Robinson.

So, the Decider says that he wants to close Guantanamo, but he just can't. Apparently somebody's pointed out to the Decider that all the falafel vendors and taxi drivers we've been torturing there so we can say we've captured hardcore terrorists will walk because of that nasty liberal due process of law - and he'd better do something about that before he releases anyone somewhere where they may actually get a trial. Or sue.

Oh, and although I haven't been over there to look, I've been told that apparently I've been pushing LittleOrangeFox's buttons.

Whatever. I'm still not sure that her site isn't subtle political satire and I'm wondering if I missed the punchline.


LittleOrangeFox said...

Yes you have =) The point I seem to make all too many times. Satire...not to be taken seriously...whether you think it is funny or not (ofcourse you wouldnt as it is at your leftard party expense) Don't worry about it. Other people do. Don't worry that you are not in on the secret...it is not an interesting one. And stop scrambling my technorati ;) I was nice about your blog now lets be fair like liberals like it.

Moody Loner said...

Um, I think you're under the impression I take you more seriously than I actually do.

Love, I get death threats.