Friday, June 16, 2006

We Respond to our Readers II: Helpful Advice

Jut thought I'd respond to this post over at Outlaw Republican. Well, not so much respond, as that would imply I intend to actually debate her, which brings to mind the parable of teaching the pig to sing. It will only waste my time and hers to pointlessly debate politics - I mean, I'm not going to become a Chimpy McFlightsuit fan anytime soon, and she's so far gone she thinks that smaller government, states rights, holding our elected officials accountable for breaking the law, God - the whole concept of the rule of law itself, personal accountability, and the idea that our system of government rests upon three co-equal branches all to be "far-left".

No, what I can do in all sincerity to a fellow voice crying out in the wilderness that is the Internet is to offer helpful advice. And this I shall do.

Comment moderation: Some of us, particularly those of us using free services like Blogger, tend to be targeted by comment spam. As I have it set to notify me of any message, and I have to personally approve it, I can make sure my readers never see an offer for pictures of naked teenagers or black-market prescription medications on my site. Tough job, but someone's gotta do it. Of course, you won't see a badly misspelled, capslocked death threat, either - or someone's real name and home address.

Keyboards: I know what you mean, LitteOrangeFox. I have suffered more than a few technicolor yawns from reading far-right paeans to fascism masquerading as patriotism, cowardice masquerading as bravery, and religious intolerance and hate masquerading as debate. And, God knows, with the President's approval rating hovering around 30% and with 42% of voters wanting to impeach him (according to Zogby - not my favorite, but you blog with the numbers you have), you're going to be seeing a lot more sites offending your delicate constitution.

My solution: the USB Waterproof Keyboard. I've found this invaluable when surfing for credits among the right-wing sites in the morning - what I call my Thirty Minutes of Hate. Just unplug it, towel or hose it off, plug it back in, and you're right back in the fray.

Thanks for the link back, thanks for the traffic, and thanks for the compliment. Please, take my poor attempt at assistance in the spirit that it was intended.

Oh, and on the remote chance that you wind up going to Iraq, or Iran, or France, or wherever our next adventure in preemptive war takes us and serving in our nation's armed forces, I promise not to tear you down, but to support you.

That's right. That very day, I pledge to buy a little yellow magnetic ribbon, and put it on my car.


LittleOrangeFox said...

I would have continued but you lost me insinuating I think all that jazz is far left...all those traits seemed desperatly like the hmmm center right. Don't waste your time on me though =P I dont plan on it with you. I give you a nice compliment on far left blogs and you...type words in my mouth. Whatever

KansasSunflower said...

I don't understand "LittleOrangeFox"'s comment to this post, but ROFL on the yellow ribbon for your car! True, 2500 is just "some number" to some people, but to me, its a lot of American lives that were wasted NOT for OUR freedom, but for a cause that was a LIE.