Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Senator McCain, You Are not Alone

From this story in Sunday's Washington Post:

[Arkansas Governor, Mike] Huckabee, who is considering a presidential bid in 2008, said Congress and the administration -- run by fellow Republicans -- have moved far from what he called the "traditional states' rights position" of conservatives.

In addition to the National Guard, he cited the new "Real ID" legislation, requiring states to ascertain the citizenship status of everyone seeking a driver's license. Huckabee said that, in effect, "they are trying to make every entry-level employee in our [department of motor vehicles] offices an immigration officer, and they're giving us no money to train them or hire them. It is a disaster in the making."

Emphasis, once again, is mine.

Governor, you too get a "No shit, Sherlock". Never mind that everything this Administration has done has been a disaster in the making - you're not exactly shooting for the moon there, either.

Maybe you can take some time off from spending my taxes in Arkansas and join Senator McCain on an Ass-Finding Commission.

Oh, and the story in the Washington Post was about the Bush administration getting legislation in the House to gain control of the National Guard domestically whenever Bush says it's an emergency, and how state governors, for some reason, don't like this. Ho hum, another power grab by the Bush administration. They got the states' rights issue though, I'll give them that. They just want ol' Chimpy to give them a call, maybe blow in their ear a little before they unleash the Guard on internal dissidents.

Think that's paranoid? Go ahead, list all the times Republicans have stood between the Bush administration and more power. I'll wait.

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Eko Prasetyo said...

dubya will never feel secure if he hasn't secure all access to controls for his own sake