Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Week In Review: I Must Drink Too Much "No Fear"

Let's take a moment and look back upon the week, shall we, Gentle Reader?

Well, the British police have apparently rolled up a terrorist threat this week, which means that we can't bring bottled water or personal hygiene products onto airplanes anymore. No, I don't really get the connection - I guess it has to do with being offsite and out of contact during the media's initial round of scaring the crap out of us. Am I the only person that thinks that perhaps a better time to raise the threat level is before the terrorists are caught and jailed?

Oh, and this attack was supposed to kill hundreds of thousands of people. Either aircraft have gotten a lot bigger since I gave up flying, or somebody's smoking crack. I asked a co-worker how that kind of casualty list could possibly happen, and he got as far as guessing that the planes would be blown up over cities before he trailed off - maybe that sounded as stupid to him saying it as it did to me listening to it.

The Republicans, of course, point out that we are at War with Terror, and this completely validates 150,000 soldiers occupying Iraq. No, I don't get the connection either - unless we're about to invade England and bomb the crap out of Pakistan. My sarcastically pointing out that we were supposed to be fighting them over there so that we didn't have to fight them over here was not well received.

Oh, and once again the pot calls the kettle black, as Lambert at CorrenteWire points out. And Glenn Greenwald calls the Constitution-shredders on their bullshit, as is his wont.

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