Sunday, October 15, 2006

And Yet, Ann Coulter Walks Free

Today's post is about the Secret Service investigating terrorist threats against a public official, only to find a blonde who was just kidding.

And no, sadly I'm not talking about Ann Coulter.

Apparently a 14-year-old girl decorated her anti-Bush MySpace group page with a picture of the Chimpster getting stabbed in the hand with the caption, "Kill Bush". This was considered to be such a dire and imminent threat that agents were sent to pull her out of school and interrogate her for two hours.

Fortunately, she's a cute little blue-eyed blonde. Were she a dark-skinned brunette, she'd be riding the waterboard in whatever hellhole we've replaced Gitmo with.

This story brings up many questions - not the least of which is precisely what reaction did she expect?

But, also, let us return to Ann Coulter and discuss how someone can walk around still free after threatening the lives of public officials, Supreme Court justices, and pretty much anyone who has ever disagreed with her, ever - and yet law enforcement from the SS on down pay her no mind.

The "I was only joking" defense. Learn it and use it, kid. Apparently it's ironclad.

If you're a Republican.

Oh, on a tangent - in case the reason I homeschool isn't clear - let me award the "Thank God This Man Works with Children" award to McClatchy Assistant Principal Paul Belluomini:

McClatchy Assistant Principal Paul Belluomini said he usually does not notify parents when law enforcement officials come to school to interview students.

"Parents usually interfere with an investigation, so we usually don't notify them until it's done," he said.

Can't have those parents interfering with any investigations. All that whining about rights and consent and what we may reasonably expect from minors just throws the interrogators off, and we can't have that. Asshole.

Story in Sacramento Bee.

Google Search to avoid Sacramento Bee's registration.


Joshua Xalpharis said...

I'm waiting for the SS to kick down my door as we speak.

A year ago, I would have been comfortable that the ACLU would have helped me, but it looks like they've lost their spine as well.

I wonder if waterboarding is as bad as it sounds.

SuedeCaramel said...

Well, you never know what those 14-year-olds are hiding in their hello kitty purses and little tubs of lip balm.

I like your stuff. I've gone ahead and added you to my blogroll. Check out my site sometime and link back if you like what you see.

Keep up the blogging-- that way, if you stop, we'll know to start a search party and bring towels.


IrnBru001 said...