Friday, October 20, 2006

This Space for Rent: Looks Like It's That Time Again

Looks like it's time, once again, for that thumbnail space you see there to your right to be rented out.

This week's renters:

Oh, look - it's Blue Panther again with The Blue Panther Experience. I like to think that the Blue Panther really, really likes Electronic Darwinism, but I'm thinking that having one of the cheaper rents might have something to do with it. At any rate, shout-out to the Blue Panther.

Next, we have About Simple Ways. Lots of good advice about reducing one's footprint on the ecosystem. Yeah, I know, strange coming from me - but I started to become an environmentalist the first time gas hit three bucks a gallon. And you know it's going back there, too - as soon as the election's over and Chimpy's oil buddies decide they don't have to buy us anymore.

Finally, we have Bold Contemplations. Forget the little questions - Angela goes after bigger fish with "How fast does gravity propagate?", as well as questions about the nature of truth and the possible futility of environmentalism. Good points.

Yup, going to have to dice it this week. The impartial black d6/2 selects...

Bold Contemplations.

Thank you for playing "Shout-out from Moody" and see you next week.

1 comment:

Bluepanther said...

I like your blog, but you never rent out to me.:(

Just kidding about the latter. It's ok. Be fair and let the roll of dice decide.