Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Because A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

And this grim, grim picture is brought to you by our very own Central Command. I'm pretty sure it's not classified anymore.

This chart, to your left, graphs our progress in Iraq. The green bit on the left - labeled "Peace" - is what the hard-core Bushites would have you believe is happening. You know, flowers, candy, schools getting painted, that kind of thing.

The red part at the right is what the reality-based community thinks is happening in Iraq - sectarian violence, ethnic cleansing, partitioning - all fancy terms for civil war.

The arrow marked Current - which would be what the people actually occupying Iraq think - is in the red end.

I think the argument is over. However, I'm sure I'll hear about how this is all a plot by George Soros, Hillary Clinton, those cut-and-runners in Central Command, and the liberal media.

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Kurt said...

This shows how terrible things are going over there. The guy Keith was interviewing on Countdown last night said things have been this bad for at least two months now. Shame on W.