Thursday, November 30, 2006

Once again, Glenn brings it home

Today's column here. I can't add to it, but here's a taste:

It is truly astounding to watch people incapable of understanding the point that the reason it is wrong and dangerous for the President to eavesdrop on Americans without warrants is because doing so is against the law. Shouldn't that be a simple enough proposition that every functioning adult ought to be capable of understanding it?
You'd think so. Some of these Bushites claim to be studious, serious people with law degrees and everything, but my five-year-old daughter gets the point that, time and again, seems to escape them.

Unless, of course, their stupidity is a rhetorical device to cover their dishonesty.

Up to you. We report, you deride.

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Andy D said...

The program continues to be misrepresented. The program isn't wiretapping, and it has safe guards built in so that only terrorist are targeted. The information obtained from the program can't be used for civil criminal investigations. It has netted results, and we have captured high profile targets using this program.