Monday, November 13, 2006

Terrorist Captured in California

Reuters story here regarding the poster boy of the right-wing blogosphere, Chad Castagana, and his arrest on charges of mailing terrorist threats and fake anthrax to media outlets and public figures.

Oliver Willis points out, here, that this guy was a regular poster at Free Republic and Ian Schwartz' blog.

A few questions spring to mind:

Whenever some lunatic on the "Left" (i.e. not a Bush-worshiper) does something stupid like this, he or she is portrayed as the face of the left-wing blogosphere. Why don't we portray this dork as the face of the right-wing?

Aren't we fighting terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them over here?

I thought we were fighting a Global War on Terror - that law-enforcement solutions weren't manly enough and we had to stamp out terrorists wherever they may hide with missile attacks and military strikes. Think I would have heard of tanks in the streets of Woodland Hills.

I guess he's lucky he's a politically correct terrorist. Were he a Muslim, he'd be getting waterboarded in whatever hellhole we've replaced Gitmo with.

Sure hope this is the right guy. We can't assume that he's guilty just because he was arrested. Good thing we have the rule of law in this country. Unless, of course, the Chimp says differently.

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