Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Had some computer issues, and lost a few mornings to the vampire that is Fate.

Yeah, thanks for asking how I was doing. Appreciate it. No, didn't get my all-expense-paid shipping container to whatever Eastern European hellhole we've replaced Gitmo with. Yet.

The six medics accused of deliberately infecting people with AIDS in Libya have been found guilty in a Libyan court and sentenced to death. Apparently they have the right to appeal. Don't know what good it will do them, though.

Looks like we're getting another little lesson in the panacea of elections in Palestine as they teeter on the edge of civil war. You can't just slap an election on like a band-aid and think democracy's going to spring up, you have to establish democratic institutions and the rule of law. Otherwise you get a hellhole like Iraq, an oligarchy like China, or a plutocracy like the United States.

Speaking of Iraq, the Pentagon reports attacks are at the highest level there since June of 2004. So, what is it, Bushites? Are they trying to influence the elections? Are we turning another corner? Are they standing up as we stand down? Still looking for a new way forward? Think things will be better in six months?

Just how stupid are you?

And, taking a page from Atrios, we have Simple Answers to Complex Questions. Today's Complex Question comes to us from the Asia Times Online. Sudha Ramachandran writes:

Even as US President George W Bush signed into law a bill that Congress passed last week allowing Washington to conduct nuclear trade with India, sections in India are wondering whether this country can trust Bush to deliver on his promises.

They point out that the US law enabling nuclear trade with India deviates significantly from commitments that were made by the Bush administration to the Indian leadership over the past year.
So, you're asking if India can trust Bush to uphold his promises?


That was Simple Answers to Complex Questions. Thank you for playing.

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