Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Anti-War Fringe

Here's the latest numbers for the "looney left" anti-war fringe from the L.A. Times:

The Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, supervised by Times Poll Director Susan Pinkus, surveyed 1,344 adults nationwide by telephone Saturday through Tuesday. It has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

With attitudes about Iraq weighing heavily against him, Bush's overall job approval rating stood at 39%, with 59% disapproving. Those figures are comparable with what had been Bush's worst showing in a Times poll — last winter, his approval rating was 38%, with 58% disapproving.

On Iraq, 33% approved of Bush's handling of the war, with 65% disapproving.

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These results closely tracked the reaction to Bush's decision to deploy more troops to Iraq — 60% opposed it and 36% supported it.

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Asked whether Bush "deliberately misled Congress and the American people" with his prewar claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, 50% said they agreed with that statement, and 44% said they did not.
Emphasis mine. Looks like the "fringe"

But don't worry, Bushites, the LA Times covers your guy's ass at the end:

But for most Americans, finding a way forward in Iraq apparently seems daunting enough without reopening arguments about the past — half of those polled said they did not want Congress to hold hearings to investigate Bush's prewar claims.

Which means, by my count, that half do.

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