Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Waiting to Decide

Looks like the Decider has another week to pull some kind of brand-new lame-ass justification for the Iraq occupation out of his ass. Hat tip to the BBC.

Here's a chunk out of the article - I suggest y'all read the whole thing - and I'll toss in a little emphasis if you don't mind:

The BBC was told by a senior administration source that the speech setting out changes in Mr Bush's Iraq policy is likely to come in the middle of next week.

Its central theme will be sacrifice.

The speech, the BBC has been told, involves increasing troop numbers.

The exact mission of the extra troops in Iraq is still under discussion, according to officials, but it is likely to focus on providing security rather than training Iraqi forces.

Look for my official response in the middle of next week. Unless the "sacrifice" and "troop increase" involve sending Jenna and Barbara to serve in Iraq, the likely theme of my response will be "Fuck off, asshole."

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