Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This Space For Rent: Pardon Me Whilst I Indulge in Meta

Something that a few of my readers have asked is why I bother with the whole "This Space for Rent" deal.

Look, even I get tired of writing about how the Chimp is screwing us over. I've got to give y'all a break now and then, and every week or so I get a not-really-random sample of blogs from BlogExplosion for us to go visit. Sometimes the hardest part is for me to find something to say about each one.

That said, here's this week's bidders:

Step Into the Nexus
- Miss Nexus talks about whatever occurs to her.

As Seen in the Rear View - Here's some advice, vixen - dice.

The Blue Panther
- My buddy from India. Go blue!

- A tale of high-weirdness, big love, cyber-crime and the mutual insane obsession of two people that never even met. And I quote.

The impartial black d4 selects As Seen in the Rear View - but please stop by all the bidders and give them a Moody Loner Howdy. Assuming, of course, that this does not violate state and/or local statutes.

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