Monday, March 05, 2007

Obligatory Ann Coulter post

Was going to say something about Ann Coulter - but apparently the phrase "hideous, dried-up old crackwhore" will get you sent to rehab these days.

You may say, with that crack, that I'm no better than she is. Should I ever threaten to have people beaten to death with baseball bats because they disagree with me, then you'll have a point.


Anonymous said...

Things will get better when all venues of speech and the written word are censcored,no more trash talk,no more hurting anyone's feelings,will have strawberry fields forever,if this is the kind of America you want,well hang in there its coming,you will learn to shut-up, smile, and pretend that you are happy.
It's scary for I now see the minority,the tail,wagging the dog,
the majority.The tail being(big brother)

Moody Loner said...

Funny how, when it comes to protesting Ann Coulter's eliminationism you're a free-speech warrior, Anonymous, but when it comes to people that protest the war you're nowhere to be found - if not on the side of those calling to have us killed for treason.