Monday, May 21, 2007

Week in Review

Yeah, Second Life is eating all my time. How the hell does the General do it?

Anyway, for our Must Reads we've got Orcinus documenting Lou Dobbs' losing battle with reality (with a quick aside regarding the fundies' mistrust and loathing of, God help us, science fiction), and the inestimable Glenn Greenwald busting Mike McConnell's lying op-ed on FISA.

Here's a link to the NYPD surveillance targets before the Republican 2004 convention. Enjoy, and props to Bob Harris.

Oh, and speaking of warrantless surveillance - here's a preview from the UK courtesy of Slashdot.

Also, I'd like to welcome Cap'n Dyke to the blogroll - we share certain proclivities. For brightly-lit desktops, you perverts. She's added me to her crew, so I guess I need to brush up on my pirate lingo. Belike. Says I.

Wi' a curse.

Go over there and give her an Electronic Darwinism ahoy. And mind your manners, she runs a tight ship, scupper me wi' a belayin' pin, else!

Hey, this pirate bit is fun! Keelhaul the quartermaster! Jettison the mizzenmast! Splice the mainbrace!

1 comment:

Capn Dyke said...

Well held, Me Hearty! Yer piratese be comin' along like a dingy after th'ship. Watch keelhaulin' Me QuarterMistress though - it be Blue Gal an' she be in charge o'yer uniform - will probably be pirate panties. ;)