Tuesday, July 17, 2007

On Hate

Here, we'll do this Terrorist Sympathizer style:

Daily Kos:

Tonight, we remember Sgt. Courtney T. Johnson and 1st Sgt. Jeffrey R. McKinney; they came from different states and different units, but both are mourned tonight by the many people who knew and loved them.

Tonight we honor a courageous American soldier who calmed the sorrows and soothed the pain of many Americans and Iraqis

Tonight, we mourn three sailors -- Petty Officer First Class Jason Dale Lewis, Petty Officer First Class Robert Richard McRill, and Petty Officer First Class Steven Phillip Daugherty – killed together when an IED detonated near their Humvee.

Brothers in arms. Families united in sorrow. Their stories follow.

O'Reilly's supporters, via Kos' inbox:

I hope you all die a slow death. Much like you wish on good honest people like T. Snow, the Pope, etc. Liberal Fucks! I hope you choke on the smog & drown in the global warming waters caused by cows. You people are so stupid.

IE: San Fransisco is much better now a days since the liberal invasion 1/2 century ago. Hmmmm: It's full of disease, poverty, queers(goes with disease.....), and polution. You people can't keep your backyard clean, but cont. to impose your views on other parts of the country. I'm so sad your still around. I'm sure you'll die off sooner than later. Much like you morals have. Go eat some grass

Any questions?

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