Friday, March 04, 2005

Promise from Republicans = Knife in the Back

This morning, on, there's an artilcle about the tsunami aid promised going to - who woulda thunk it? - Iraq and Afghanistan instead!

Favorite quotes:

The panel dealt a blow to an internationally agreed plan to provide debt relief to tsunami hit countries by removing the $45 million that Bush wanted.

Almost exactly as if the "top Republicans" behind this wouldn't roll over and bark if the White House told them to.

The idea here is that Bush promises to help, and those bad, baaad Republicans in Congress take it away. How stupid do they think we are?


The plan would add $1.8 billion to Bush's request to support troops in Iraq and Afghanistan with equipment such as radios, trucks and body armor but would trim funds for reconstruction in Afghanistan, debt relief for tsunami-hit countries, international peacekeeping missions and for war allies.

Shouldn't they have had the radios, trucks, and body armor before we started? And, lest you think tsunami victims are the only ones getting screwed, war allies and Afghanistan reconstruction are also getting hit. Thanks for supporting the war, guys!

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