Saturday, September 24, 2005

Protesting the Coward from Connecticut

Too broke to go to DC for the protest. Then again, that might be a good thing. I wouldn't want our new fascistic military anti-dissent tactics and "nonlethal" crowd-suppression weapons to be tested on my daughter.

Still, if I had the money, I'd be there.

Still, I'll do what I can from here. Here's a link to Cindy Sheehan's speech over at Daily Kos.

Here is a link to MaryScott's live thread on My Left Wing.

Here is what they're saying about it over at Corrente.
Like the poster from Project for the Old American Century? Wander over there and show them some love, Gentle Reader.

And, because it isn't an Electronic Darwinism post without gratuitously baiting the right-wing trolls that make up most of my readership; here's a link to Michael Moore! Woooo! Michael Moore! Michael Moore! Woooooo!

So why "the Coward from Connecticut"? Well, I do have to point out occasionally that the man's no more a Southerner than I am. Wait, I grew up in Southern California, I'm more of a Southerner. Y'all. Oh, wait, you wan't to know, why "Coward"?

Because when they come to call him to account, he'll be doing what he does in a crisis. Running away and hiding.

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