Wednesday, November 02, 2005

American Gulag Archipelago

From today's Washington Post.

Remember when the Soviets were bad because they threw people into gulags without trials? Well, guess what we're doing now - and we're outsourcing ours.

I swear to Christ, this country is more and more like the Soviet Union every day. I'm just wondering when the internal passports are showing up. One-party rule, the rule of law only for the wealthy and well-connected Party hacks, centrally-planned economy in the toilet, Big-Brother like "Internal Security forces" routinely violating Constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights - you'd think if the Republicans were actually so down on Communists, they'd stop acting like them.

Just waiting for the knock at the door. I hope I get tortured in Guantanamo - I hear they serve rice pilaf there.

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