Thursday, November 03, 2005

Michelle Malkin Gets pwned

Caught it over at Oliver Willis' site, but you can read the full pwnage here.

Some choice quotes:

It isn't Democrats, Michelle, who have denigrated the service of war heroes; it's people like you. And it isn't Democrats who are delivering a steady stream of "bestselling" books attacking liberals as subhuman scum: calling them innately treasonous, identifying them with terrorists, the "enemy within" with a "mental illness." Going on talk shows and saying that the best way to talk to a Republican is "with a baseball bat, preferably."

And kooky theories? Well, Michelle, what about the forthcoming tome from a well-known conservative postulating -- against all known historical fact -- that fascism is a liberal phenomenon. Of course, you know all about ignoring the weight of historical evidence, don't you?

So, Gentle Reader, you may ask, why does this eliminationist rhetoric from yet another right-wing whackjob bother you, Moody? After all, you've been registered Decline to State in every election you've ever voted in, you believe in a smaller federal government and fiscal responsibility, and most of your friends consider you a conservative.

Because, Gentle Reader, that was the old way of determining one's place upon the political spectrum. The new way has but one litmus test - how well you carry water for the Party. Nothing more, nothing less.

(See, I'm cleaning up my act. No references to cocksucking here, nosir.)

If you agree with the almighty Bush and whatever he wants - treason, torture, gulags, massive Big-Brotherish security organizations with ill-defined goals fondling your wives and daughters, corporate welfare at the expense of destroying the middle class - then you get to call yourself a "conservative", and everyone else is a "liberal".

And here's some reminders about their plans for "liberals".

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