Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So Why, If Torture is Systematic, Hasn't Anyone Come Forward?

Oh, you know where I'm going with this:

People have.

As Levity discusses in this story at Daily Kos, Tony Lagouranis - an interrogator who worked in Iraq - has been interviewed by PBS Frontline and Democracy Now!...and, strangely enough, nobody else in the "liberal" media.

Even though his story confirms accounts by U.S. soldiers like Sgt. Greg Ford and Capt. Ian Fishback.

What do the Iraqis think of this? What do you think?

That last link, by the way, is to Michael Moore. Yes, links to Daily Kos and Michael Moore in the same post, maximizing your exposure to liberal cooties. All part of the service.

More analysis from Jeanne D'Arc at This Modern World.

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David said...

Two soldiers who call themselves Froggy and DanS represent the answer to your question at:

In their minds, a soldier who's "right" for the military would never report the kinds of things Lagouranis saw unless he was unhappy and wanted "payback" for something. They struggle to discredit him, and to convince other soldiers to do the same.

Interestingly, Lagouranis evidently replied at their blog, engaging their comments with many credible answers, never hiding or misrepresenting how he got his information. (I wish more of our journalists operated that way.)

In fact, the comments also include someone in the military who does know Lagouranis - and who disagrees with him on politics - but is certain that Lagouranis must be telling the truth. So Froggy's blog is actually terrific evidence of the social and cultural pressure military people use to attack and silence whistleblowers - demonstrating why there aren't more of them.