Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This Space for Rent, Redux

Well, this week it looks like I have eight bidders for the thumbnail space for rent. Guess I shouldn't make my blog available, thenn take off for work. Anyway, here are links to TV is my Drug of Choice, Mormon Meanders, The Pivot Point Post, Spyware Informer, Haunted House Dressing, Irreverent Codex, Bloggin' Bizatch, and The Sweet Stuff. They all asked very nicely, so go check them out. Bonus points if you can figure out which one truly frightens me.

The Impartial Black d8 selects The Sweet Stuff for the thumbnail. Now to get to work getting the traffic I promised in, and I hope I didn't misinterpret Mapstats.

We now return you to your regular programming.


blogginbizatch said...

i'm not that scary, am i?

Jeremy said...

Is it me?

Sheila said...

I hope it wasn't me. :o) Thanks for the link, that was very cool of you.