Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bush is a Liberal

Looks like the knee-jerk Bushites have to stop using "liberal" as a swear word now.

Ha. Ha. Ha. I crack myself up sometimes.

Story by Martin Schram at Capitol Hill Blue. Oh, and here's an excerpt:

But these legal avenues were rejected by a new liberal activism that has surfaced from a most surprising source and threatens America's democratic uniqueness. It is the sort of liberal activism that normally would unleash the wrath of conservative strict constructionists, because it stretches the Constitution, current laws and legal interpretations beyond anything intended by our founding fathers.

But strict conservatives are in a quandary, because this liberal activism was initiated by Bush.
Not only is he a liberal, he's a borrow-and spend liberal. Seen the deficit lately? Worse than the most dire predictions of the Party of Fiscal Responsibility(tm). But hey, gays can't get married, and we all know that's what the Founding Fathers held dear, right?

See, Bushites are like Scientologists. The more ludicrous the beliefs you espouse turn out to be, the more hard-core fanatic you have to be to justify them, because you've put so much effort into defending them in the first place.

Yeah, I'm working technical support now, so you can expect me to take out my anger and frustration here, Gentle Reader.

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