Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Space for Rent: Blogs are for Wimps

Because, "It's Too Fricking Early for Me to Come Up with Something Catchy" wouldn't fit.

Seriously, readers. Give the people over at Blogs are for Wimps a shout-out, then go click on their thumbnail over there on the right.

I'm telling you, it's worth it. Just the picture of the Pope in a Santa hat - but don't let me spoil it for you.


The Complimenting Commenter said...

I recently found this blog and enjoy it also. I enjoyed your site and I liked the first line of your post. Funny stuff.

Frodo Corleone said...

Thanks for hosting BR4W for the week... I appreciate it & I hope that everyone that checks us out enjoys the blog. But enough about us... when are we impeaching Bush? Merry XMas!

suki said...

I clicked the link to see the funny picture. :)