Saturday, December 31, 2005

Democracy, American Style

Well, I'm sure we all enjoyed the latest purple finger moment in Iraq. After all, voting is the basis of democracy, and for Iraq to become a stable, independent, Western-style democracy, they need to get the underpinnings down - fair voting and the rule of law.

You know what's coming next.

Remember Ahmed Chalabi? Yeah, the one we promised a ministry in the new government to. The one who apparently gave us the intelligence we sold the war with? The one whose party was not expected to win any seats, falling something like 8.000 votes short of the 40,000 they needed for representation?

Yeah, that one. Guess who's the new Iraqi Minister of Oil? No, go ahead and work on it, I'll wait.

God, why won't they just let us pay the poor man off in peace?

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Lonnie said...

Good to have you as a renter ML...I hope for lots of visits to a great blog