Friday, December 30, 2005

Freeway Blogging

Not as easy as it looks. Just be thankful I don't write this in the form of a Norse saga - with kennings. That I'll save for SBHoF.

Day 1 (Christmas): Gathered cardboard.

Day 2: Carefully painted cardboard white, with one-hour drying paint.

Day 3: Repainted still-wet sign due to little one's footprints. Repainted still-wet sign due to wife's footprints.

Day 4: Lettered sign - now dry. Got as far as IMPEAC and ran out of room. Taped on and painted new panel.

Day 5: Finally place sign, perfect for the morning commute. Rained.

But, I'm not just hiding behind a screen complaining. Ignoring the Constitution and the rule of law will not stand.


Lucy said...

how long did your sign stay up?

Moody Loner said...

About sixteen hours, actually. Which, apparently, isn't bad for a first attempt.