Thursday, December 29, 2005

This Space for Rent: Can you Feel the Love Tonight?

My latest offer for my thumbnail space - visible over there to the right - gathered eight bids. I like to think that the incisive writing and timely, topical viewpoints are the reason, but lowering my price to fifteen credits probably has more to do with it.

That said, let's welcome A la Gauche, the lucky bidder selected by the impartial black d8.

While you're at it I urge you, Gentle Reader, to visit these other very fine blogs - each and every one so well written that it took an eight-sided dice for me to pick one to feature:

Ficken Chingers
23 Seconds to Circulate (hi Suki)
Scooter McGavin's 9th Green
I Am Jack's Raging Mommy
But I Digress
Hell on Heels
Let's Talk About It

Let's show them some Electronic Darwinism love. No, not the kind that makes them get restraining orders.


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Thank you!

lefty said...

thanks for the plug!