Friday, January 06, 2006

Clearing the Air.

I've already received emails telling me to lay off Dear Leader because he didn't do anything wrong, or at least anything that Carter and Clinton didn't do.

While I don't let my daughter use the "he did it, therefore I can do it, even if it's against the rules" defense, it is true that, at five, I expect her to have a better grasp of right and wrong than our current President.

Therefore, rather than cutting-and-pasting, or God forbid, taking the time to duplicate the research myself, I'll just direct y'all here.

I reserve the option to mine that site for responses to talking points as I get them. You have been warned.

"Conservatives", I'm still curious as to how you reconcile having an admitted lawbreaker as the President with a party platform that advocates a strict interpretation of the Constitution and support of the rule of law over executive power.

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