Saturday, January 07, 2006

This Space for Rent: The Joy that is my Life.

Well, I started a new campaign yesterday morning assuming that Friday would be a light day at work and that I could decide on a renter while sitting around waiting for something to do.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

On the other hand, I'm looking at nine bids for the thumbnail space to your right, which certainly doesn't hurt the self-esteem.

The impartial black d10 selects fellow Kossack RenaRF's On the Left Tip. I think my dice have a thing for French maids. Personal blog with excellent center-left political essays, from a noted contributor at dKos. What's not to like?

One Way or Another, the personal blog of Jay in Kansas as he deals with grandkids, cats, half-naked Tuesdays, and conservatives. I wish my life were this simple and idyllic. Woe to you, Gentle Reader, on the day I decide to start a personal blog.

coffeestoned, by someone named andy who likes fresh coffee and has anger issues. Been there.

Faerielicious: My wife and daughter insisted on me reviewing this one, solely because of the fairies and color scheme. Found the links to the Harry Potter slash fiction and didn't have the heart to tell them. Still, although Fae's personal blog isn't for the faint of heart, anything that would piss off conservatives that much has got to be good.

Scooter McGavin's 9th Green: Scooter's take on sports, politics, music, and other things that occur to him. Unfortunately, the d10 didn't show him any love, but his blog is worth it - take a look for yourself.

Howl @ the Moon, coyote's politics and humour blog. Go Ireland!

Zaphod's Heads, Glyn Evan's Canadian sports, politics, and music blog, about which not enough good can be said. This man knows where his towel is.

My waisted life: Words fail me. You just have to read madbull's blog for yourself. I would say that my fellow SBers scare me sometimes, but I would think that with a name like Moody Loner that would be a given.

And, finally, Mystickal Incense and More Blog. While I was reluctant to shout-out to a business blog, Stephanie also uses it as her personal site, and you just have to admire the sweetness and naievete of someone who didn't realize Microsoft was evil until January sixth, 2006.

That's this week's bids. I swear, I'll do this on the weekend next time.


Jetting Through Life said...

I would have bid on ya had I known it was up for bid in the first place!!

Scott said...

Off topic: I'm looking for new writers for Discuss It and thought you might be interested. If you are, there are details at the site itself-

Jay said...

um, yeah...I would like to see more than the one pony show you have here.

Fae said...

Hehe - I just got technorati and found this post (which tells you not many people are linking to me.)

Tell your wife and daughter the pretty template is still there and the links to the fanfic is gone - have another place for that now. I hope I'm still pissing of conservatives though! ;)