Monday, January 09, 2006

Let's Check In on the Axis of Evil

Real fast, as I need to get ready for work:

North Korea, the guys that actually have WMDs: The Boston Globe has a story on them, here.


"Even if any agreement is reached between the parties concerned, it is likely to be overturned by a person in high authority of the U.S.," the spokesman said.
One wonders how they got to be such cynics.

Now we'll check in on Iran, the guys that actually have programs with "nuclear" in the title. Let's jump over to Reuters, UK for the news that they're breaking the seals on their nuclear research facilities:

Iran confirmed it would resume research on nuclear fuel on Monday, prompting swift warnings by Germany of "consequences" and by the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog that the world was running out of patience with Tehran.
And you know what happens when the U.S. runs out of patience with rogue states that support terrorism and develop nuclear weapons.

We'll be bombing Venezuela any minute now. Only having a long, difficullt-to-pronounce name has kept them safe this long. Hey, maybe that's why we're cozying up to Uzbekistan instead of freeing their people.

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