Saturday, January 21, 2006

Is Osama Bin Hiding Still Alive?

Funny how a tape shows up from him every time the Republicans need a distraction. Then again, it's not like bin Laden is going to want anything to interfere with the greatest al-Qaeda recruitment effort ever - American foreign policy.

But the tape - bringing up the same points that many dissenters do about Bush's incompetence - does have some wondering, even some commenters here, if this isn't some sort of Republican put-up job to boost Bush's sub-40% approval ratings before the midterms.

This leaves two diametrically-opposed tinfoil-hat theories:

a:) Osama bin Laden is dead. His audio tapes, and the "unnamed al-Qaeda spokesman" video (remember that?) were products of a Republican spin factory trying to equate dissent with the Administration and support of al-Qaeda.

b:) Osama bin Laden has better Internet service and medical care in his cave in Pakistan than I do in my home in California.


Jonathan Beckett said...

This blog entry (about the American foreign policy) reminded me of a recent news story in The Onion ( where Dick Cheney was caught pretending to be the voice of God on Bush's intercom :)

Mindwolf said...

You missed the third tinfoil-hat theory. Osama bin Rappin is in U.S. Custody somewhere in eastern Europe and records these messages for the Conservatives to scare themselves into another win. I personally like that one.

Ranting and Venting

Travel Italy said...

I think the real question we have is, "Why do we care?"

There are many people around the world who love Americans, many people who hate Americans and most really do not think about Americans. By giving media space to politicians, terrorists or happy people we simply further their cause.

Remember the golden rule, "Talk good about me, talk bad about me, but do talk about me!"