Saturday, January 21, 2006

We Respond To Our Readers: A Discourse on Communism

From the comments:

HappySam said...

there is nought wrong with being communist, they are on the up again, in power in bolivia, chile, venezuala,cuba, libya, n korea, vietnam, china, laos, spain and when blair stands down at the end of next year, they will be in power once more in the UK, viva la revolution


Thank you for sharing, HappySam.

Reference was to the Soviet Union. You remember them? The big bogeyman the Right still tries to frighten us with, even as they steal more and more plays from the USSR's playbook?

And I must have missed the Communist takeover of Libya. Ditto Spain. Unless your definition of "communist" is "everyone to the left of John Kerry" or "everyone vaguely socialist, ranging from leftist elected governments to autocrats who have seen too many James Bond movies".

Then again, if your definition of "communist" is, like the GOP's, "everyone who disagrees with George W. Bush", think of how long your list would be. Oh, wait. That's their definition of terrorist.

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