Sunday, January 15, 2006

Our Ally in the War on Terror: Pakistan

They aren't throwing flowers at us either. Something about us continuing to attack across their border with Afghanistan.

The latest screwup, and some idea of some possible blowback, is documented here at L.A.Times Online - and here's an interesting quote:

Such U.S. military operations are politically dangerous for Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf, a close ally in Washington's war on terrorism. Islamic parties, which form the main opposition in parliament and govern two provinces on the Afghan border, accuse Musharraf of being too willing to accommodate the United States. Islamic militants have made several attempts on Musharraf's life.
If another attempt succeeds, or we succeed in destabilizing Pakistan enough so that our friendly dictator is overthrown, then the Islamic extremists are poised to take over - and doesn't Pakistan have nuclear weapons?


Daedalus said...

I can think of nothing more frightening than a fundamentalist takeover of Pakistan, except maybe Iran actually getting nukes. You would think that the US would be really careful about inciting more anti-American sentiment in the country, but, as usual, what you think would be logically is actually the exact opposite of what happens with this administration.

Anna said...

Don't you love it when we condemn terrorists, then stage attacks within a foreign country's borders without coordinating with them, or even giving their goverment a little heads up, like "Hey, we're dropping bombs on innocents- don't freak out, it's just us."

Right now, what makes our attacks better than terrorism? We're certainly inflicting terror.

Sometimes, I wish instead of a republic, we were a meritocracy. I'm not asking for excellence- I'm asking for competence.