Sunday, January 15, 2006

This Space for Rent: Now Y'all are just Messing with Me.

Looks like I have five bids for that thumbnail space you see to your right. I think you just want to see how I'll dice that off.

Fortunately, a fellow gamer gave me a prototype of his five-sided dice. Therefore, the impartial brown d5 chooses Scooter McGavin's 9th Green. Persistence pays off, so go click on the thumbnail and see what he's so proud of.

After that, come back here and read these four fine blogs:

Haunted House Dressing: At first you want to write this off as another Goth, but HHD is far too complex for that. Or the author is on powerful medications. Possibly both.

Nonsensical Flounderings: The story of a couple in Seattle. They baked cookies.

One Way or Another: Jay shares with us the ultrasound of his new grandson.

A la Gauche: A proud member of the Reality-Based Community.

You know, I should come up with a "Shoutout from Moody" graphic for these people.

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