Sunday, February 19, 2006

Polls and Votes

This CNN poll says thatt 61% of Americans are pissed at Bush. You would think that the logical response would be a landslide victory for Democrats in 2006 - but don't worry, the Democrats are working hard, as this diary from a Democratic hill staffer on dKos shows, to make sure that doesn't happen.

I swear, I've talked to actual battered wives and Democrats sound more and more like them every day. No, he isn't sorry. No, he's not going to stop hitting you. No, you don't need to keep compromising to save the relationship.

Jesus God.

Yes, we have to change the process. Easily said. What isn't so easy is a procedure by which this may be accomplished, especially when everyone involved in the current process profits mightily from the situation - save for those sad-sack voters.

Oh, hey, speaking of votes, remember those Diebold voting machines that our Republican Secretary of State held up the certification of, citing the need for further tests?

Well, you can guess how the testing went. And, of course, they were certified anyway.

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stranger said...

yes, it's true. the democrats are pussies. but i'll take the good with the bad. the bad? we might not get congress away from the republicans in the mid-terms (and godDAMN that would be bad). the good? hopefully more voters will turn to third party options. (still not enough to outweigh the bad, i know)