Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Democrats are Cowards

So, is Senator Russ Feingold the only Democrat with a spine?

You'd think so, with the reaction to his motion to censure the President. Watch the other Democrats run away from an opportunity to act like something vaguely approaching an opposition party.

God damn, it's frustrating. When push comes to shove, the Democrats want to suck on that corporate money umm... teat just as bad as the Republicans do, so they don't want to piss off the corporations. Too bad the corporate money is siding wth extreme right-wing fascism, which if you bother to look it up is one of the very definitions of fascism. Neverheless, the Democrats keep trying to be good Germans and avoid any actual confrontaion with the people that want to wipe their party out forever.

So, unless we get some opponents willing to, you know, oppose - and I have hopes for Feingold and the Iraqi war veteran Dems - we're looking at choosing between fascists and cowards this election, next election, and the one after. Assuming there is one after.

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stranger said...

"cowards" is a much nicer word than i used, but you're 100% correct.